Hookah Accessories in San Antonio, TX

We carry hookahs, also known as shisha pipes, in an array of styles and sizes. We have hookahs to meet your budget and your smoking style. Enjoy this pleasant smoking method with one of our hookahs.

Hookahs have a long history as a relaxation tool. Hookahs use a different type of tobacco than cigarettes or other forms of smoking. This type of tobacco is made from a kind of tobacco leaf with honey called tobamel. Hookah tobacco comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from fruity flavors to vanilla, rose, licorice, and more. At One Stop Smoke Shop, we carry hookah pipes and hookah accessories to meet every taste, style, and budget. Visit our San Antonio, TX head shop whether you are a newbie looking to get started or an experienced smoker looking for a new flavor of tobacco to try.



Head Shop San Antonio, TX

In addition to our hookah pipes, we carry all of the hookah accessories that you will need. From hoses and mouthpieces to charcoal screens and tongs, we have everything you could desire for an exceptional hookah experience.

Our store carries everything from tobacco pipes to tattoo supplies!

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